Early care provided by JAN z. s. is a social service for families with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and communication deficiency living in the Olomouc Region.

Early care is a mobile service provided either at the child’s home, or as an outpatient service at our organization. The mission of JAN z. s. early care is to guide families with children diagnosed with ASD aged 1 to 7 years, supporting the child’s development and thus helping the family to live a full and decent life.

Our offer

  • activities comprising education, training and stimulation supporting the child’s development
  • expert counselling in ASD for parents and the public (by e-mail, phone or personally)
  • basic social guidance (e.g. entitlement to disability allowances)
  • company to parents when handling applications, negotiating with institutions, seeing a doctor with the child, or during other matters related to the child’s development (kindergarten, school, etc.)
  • lending of aids and professional literature free of charge


It is provided free of charge to individuals on the whole autism spectrum, aged from 7 to 26 years, living in Olomouc.

The aim of this service is to develop the clients’ potential, skills and competences, in order to fulfil their social inclusion in everyday life.

Our offer

  • practical lectures of social skills
  • “Clubtalk”: meeting of children or teenagers diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, high functioning autism or atypical autism in order to making and deepening friendships and talking about interesting topics at a safe background of the club
  • “Fair-play Class”: programmes for children and institutions (kindergartens, schools)
  • “I’ve got a different perception of the world”: programmes for adults
  • social inclusion in a natural community background (school, recreational activities, employment)
  • lectures for parents and experts
  • “Asps to themselves”: regular meetings for adults diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome
  • mediation during difficult family situations connected to ASD diagnose
  • support in rising awareness and exercise of rights and legitimate interests to people with ASD


The goal is to improve the client’s social communication skills, the ability to understand properly different social situations and react appropriately.

With children, we practise understanding situations, contexts, causes and effects of their acting. With respect to their development level, we help them understand relationship principles and patterns of behaviour (relationship with a close person, with the teacher, with strangers, etc.). We help them to identify their own emotions and emotions of the other people. We teach them to recognize gestures and face expressions. We try to develop the children’s basic skills like asking a question, a favour, asking for advice, giving consolation, refusing, etc.

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